Maxi Schramm


Her World (2019)

Experimental animation, select video stills and example gif

Animation variations based on one image of dancer Martha Graham. The image depicts her choreography „Letter to the world“ which was based on poetry by Emily Dickinson. All animations are entirely created from that single image.

These Sleepless Nights (2019)

Experimental animation recorded with smart phone, select video still and example gifs

There I was trying to sleep in an unfamiliar place. The street lights were too bright and the fan too loud. After some time I got up and turned a sleepless night into an animation experiment. While recording the reflections I moved my phone up and down on the surface of the window and the lights started spinning, creating mesmerizing spectacles to the sound of the fan all of which kept me from sleeping yet again.

Megaknüller +gratis Freude gespart (2019)

Screenshot. Follow this link

Part of the on-going series "to whom it may concern, you will die"
Over the past 5 years I have collected free advertisement magazines I find once or twice a week in my letterbox. It’s very useful material for pointless text collages and mismatching patterns and purposeless websites. More will follow soon...

Endless (on-going series since 2019)

Experimental animation and web art project with endless scrolls. Scrolling through the image on a website creates the motion. More will follow soon...

PERPETUAL LINE (on-going series since 2016)

work in progress

This is a study of lines, animation cycles, perception, outdated information, too much information and perfect loops. view more here

Window Patterns - Loops (2019)

Video stills

Gleich Schritt Halten - Loop excerpt (2019)

Animated cut outs
Whilst cutting out lines for a different project a lot of scraps accumulated and I decided to animate them. A first attempt at examining Gleichschritt patterns.
Feeling out of breath yet?

Übergriffig - Loop (2017)

Animated cut outs
Selected for the Fantoche 16th International Animation Film Festival 2018 "GIF not JIF" programme

Scraps Fly - Loop (2018)

Animated cut outs
An attempt at flying. A deconstruction of an object from the animated objects series.


Objects can be animated with a flash light. .


Impressions of exhibited artwork - headphones recommended

Screenshot of Impressions im unterholz

trailer for im unterholz with music by Stefkovic van Interesse

Im Graubereich Scrollen (2014)

Fleischwolf - Loop (2013)

Hand drawn animation on 35mm film