Maxi Schramm


fakesm!le empowered since 2017

Gleichschritt! Rückschritt! Gar keinen Schritt! - fakesm!le macht’s möglich

What is fakesm!le?

A decentralized global brand that represents it all: false teeth, pizza, politics, news, insurance policies, stuff I don’t need and stuff nobody needs and everything else.

fakesm!le, because everyone else is (tumblr link)

It’s fantastic. Really!

fakesm!le - the solution to all the problems you don't have

fakesm!le comes with the seal of disapproval

fakesm!le always at your service

Dress up your fakesm!le

fakesm!le fills your empty suit

fakesm!le presents finger-pointing techniques

fakesm!le first, finger-pointing second
fyi: Undesirable side effects: may cause dizziness, disorientation and confusion

fakesm!le keeps in/on/up with time

nothing to hide with fakesm!le

fakesm!le presents a modern conversation

fakesm!le campaign

give us a little fakesm!le

fakesm!le - the app that smiles for you

fakesm!le disclaimer

Can't get enough of fakesm!le? More more more (tumblr link).