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It's another day and I am still here. How did I get here? Collecting, cutting and reassembling. And I will continue to do so until there is no other day.

Influences and materials include but are not limited to infinite loops, endless scrolls, scraps, advertisement and pigeons. Who decides what’s pointless, useless, negligible?

My works were published, exhibited and featured, amongst others, at Fantoche 17th International Animation Film Festival 2019 "Give, Give, GIF" programme, at Tricky Women/Tricky Realities International Animation Festival 2019 (assistant dir. "BirthStatements" by Maria Weber), at Fantoche 16th International Animation Film Festival 2018 "GIF not JIF" programme, on San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Blog (sf moma blog), (((unterholz))) (Leipzig), on Guardian Music Blog, Souncloud Office Berlin, Intermediale Festival (Legnica), Sorbus Galleria (Helsinki), Elektrohaus (Hamburg), Cechas (Vilnius), Institut für Zukunft (Leipzig), Kunstraum E (Leipzig), Fylkingen (Stockholm), Hole of Fame (Dresden). I have also held workshops e.g. at Brunnenpassage (ArtSocialSpace) Wien and MozFest London.

Select musicians and film makers I have collaborated with: Maria Weber, Stefkovic van Interesse, Quiet Lights, Daniel Blumberg (Oupa) and Mauro Remiddi (Porcelain Raft).

I am currently based in Vienna. Get in touch for commissions, exhibitions, collaborations or if you have any questions.

Maxi Schramm